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Tara Gifford has been consulting with zoos on animal behavior since 1998.  Tara leads Ohio Animal Training LLC which specializes in behavioral consulting with animal facilities using positive reinforcement. Animal behavior programs include:
  • set training goals
  • written training plans
  • training progress reports
  • coaching at individual training sessions
  • coaching for keeper talks
  • enrichment program development 
  • staff development and training workshops

Ohio Animal Training has had the pleasure of working with six AZA accredited zoos, a wildlife center and many horse owners.

To discuss an animal behavior program specialized for your facility and pricing please contact us at:

Ohio Animal Training LLC           

Find us on Facebook at Ohio Animal Training and "Click Here" 

Sand Hill Stables Clinic on November 12, 2016
9:30- 2:00 at Sand Hill Stables 4311 St. Rt. 303 Mantua, OH 44255
Would you like to learn more about providing toys, games and learning opportunities for your horse? Create some items to take home for your horse! Learn about the benefits of "enrichment", ways to increase forage time and promote natural equine behaviors.
We will be making items for mostly re-purposed materials that cover multiple categories of enrichment.
Learn to remain for basic handling, ground work and preparation for medical and hoof care. We teach you positive, no force training techniques to mark the behaviors you want and reinforce those behaviors with something the animal values.
$20 pre-register for clinic by mailing payment to
Betsy Shaw at Sand Hill Stables 4311 St. Rt. 303 Mantua, OH 44255
$25 day of the event, family rates available
Call Betsy at 330-221-8819 or email at betsyshaw@sandhillstableoh.com

Golden Horse Farm Clinic on March 26, 2016

Golden Horse Farm in New London, OH is hosting a clinic on Saturday March 26 from 9am-2pm.  Tara Gifford of Ohio Animal Training LLC will be discussing Positive Reinforcement for Horses, including a presentation and 2 sessions in the arena with the horses.  If you are curious about this training method using Behavioral Science, would like help getting started or have a specific issue you'd like to work on, please come!  Also included will be a presentation about ways to enrich your horses'  environment. Space for working horse/owner teams are limited.  
Cost is $20/person. Lunch will be available and restroom is onsite.
Please contact Barb King to register at 440-315-1627

Lake Erie College presents “Positive Reinforcement Training for Horses” 
On Tuesday, Nov. 17, the Lake Erie College School of Equine Studies will offer "Positive Reinforcement Training for Horses,” a presentation by Tara Gifford of Ohio Animal Training, LLC. This special presentation will teach equine students how to train horses for basic handling, ground manners and preparation for medical care, though all individuals are encouraged to attend.
With over a decade of experience working with everything from horses and dolphins to orangutans, snow leopards, giraffes and all types of zoo animals, Gifford’s expertise in animal training is wide-ranging. She has been a zoo professional since 1985 and spent nine years training marine mammals. Currently, she consults with zoos and horse owners on training and behavioral issues. She is known for her use of classical positive behavioral training methods and clicker training, which can be useful skills for students and faculty members in the fields of biology, psychology and education, as well as those in equestrian studies. 
"Anyone who has ever been interested in zoo training and how to train their own dogs or horses would be delighted and enlightened by hearing about Tara’s experiences and training methods,” said Pam Hess, D.V.M., dean of the School of Equine Studies and associate professor of equine studies. "Her presentation will offer individuals a glimpse into the world of successful professional positive training as well as some out-of-the-box training tips that they could use in their own careers.” 
The presentation is free and open to the public. It will take place from 3:15-4:45 p.m. in the Coe Conference Room in the Arthur S. Holden Center on the Lake Erie College campus. Immediately afterward, attendees are invited to travel to the George M. Humphrey Equestrian Center for an open demonstration of the presentation’s techniques from 5:00-6:00 p.m. Transportation is not provided. For more information, contact Dr. Hess at phess@lec.edu or 440-375-8005. 
Ohio Animal Training works with horses for better cooperation with the farrier, needle aversion, difficulty catching or haltering, deworming, loading and more. The group teaches positive reinforcement techniques using learning theory to mark desired behaviors and reinforce those behaviors with something the animal values. To learn more, visit www.ohioanimaltraining.com.

NEW  Tara now presents to horse groups about equine enrichment using the same practices that have been successful in zoos.  Ask about a fun and informative presentation that includes information about the benefits of providing a stimulating environment for your horse. Learn ways to increase forage time and strategies to encourage natural behaviors for all horses, including those on medical rest.  Learn about the 5 categories of enrichment and view examples of each.

A 2 hr. workshop for your group is also available. This includes the presentation and the hands on creation of your own enrichment items to take home for your horse.

Learn to train your horse for basic handling, ground work and preparation for medical care. Ohio Animal Training works with horses and exotics for better cooperation with the farrier, to voluntarily accept injections, blood draws, medical treatments and more.  We teach you positive reinforcement techniques to mark the behaviors you want and reinforce those behaviors with something the animal values. Private consultations at your barn are available. If you have a group that is interested, consider hosting a clinic.

Ohio Animal Training seeks to empower horse owners and improve equine health and wellness.

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